We will:

  • Promote technical excellence in the IT profession by maintaining and enhancing our  knowledge and skills.
  • Seek assistance or guidance when faced with a task beyond our abilities or experiences and  treat this as an opportunity to learn new techniques and approaches.
  • Willingly share knowledge with others when called upon.
  • Always strive to be perceived as honest and trustworthy.
  • Inform others if actions may lead to conflicts of interest for myself or clients.
  • Be respectful of client’s time, staff, and resources.

Professional Conduct

We strive to:

  • Use only products and parts that offer the highest value for clients
  • Adhere to Industry Best Practices (IBP) for system design, rollout, hardening and testing.
  • Report all system vulnerabilities that might result in significant damage.
  • Respect intellectual property and intangible value. Always give credit where due.
  • Document setup procedures and any modifications we have done to equipment. This will ensure that others will be informed of procedures and changes we’ve made.

Privacy And Confidentiality

We promise to:

  • Respect the privacy of co-workers and clients. We will not peruse or examine their information including data, files, records, or network traffic except as defined by the appointed roles, the organization’s acceptable use policy, as approved by Human Resources, and without the permission of the end user.
  • Obtain permission before probing systems on a network for vulnerabilities.
  • Respect the right to confidentiality with my employers, clients, and users except as dictated by applicable law.
  • Treasure and will defend equality, justice and respect for others.
  • KlearLogic does not condone or participate in any form of discrimination.