Use Backgrounds And Lighting To Improve Your Zoom Presence

Everyone is suddenly using Zoom. The company’s videoconferencing technology has overcome some of the limitations of Skype and Google Hangouts to provide an all-purpose that is good for enterprises as well as freelancers and telecommuters. It helps that Zoom is especially simple to use. When you download the application and log in you have the … Read more

Buying IT Help: Managed Services Versus Break- Fix

Your business is more dependent on your IT infrastructure and support than ever before. Without the internet and reliable information in your office, you’re out of business. Without reliability and security, you can’t plan, produce, market, sell, invoice, or serve your customers. Because the stakes are high it is important to understand what you’re buying when … Read more

Yes! Macs Have Fewer Viruses. Here’s Why.

Apple Macintosh computers are well-known for having fewer viruses and malware than their Windows counterparts. Partly this is due to the inherent security of the Macintosh OSX operating system. And, partly it is due to the much larger size of the Windows market. Like legitimate software companies, virus creators want to reach as many “customers” … Read more